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Located in the waterfront community of Sausalito, along San Francisco Bay, Harbor Dive Center serves local/regional customers and travelers passing through the San Francisco Bay Area.
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Learns to Dive®
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Your adventure starts with your 1st
scuba course with Harbor Dive Center!
Weekday scuba classes and two-day PADI Open Water Diver courses available by appointment!
Dive planning covered in classroom lecture
Instructor briefing students during pool session
Students practicing skills in the pool
Students descending during ocean dives
PADI Open Water Diver — $199.00 to $249.00

San Francisco Bay Area SCUBA lessons featuring PADI diver educational programs

Harbor Dive Center, a PADI 5-star dive center, offers more fun from pool to ocean!

Pool Amenities — Sixteen 25-yard lanes, 12 feet maximum in four lanes, containing 660,000 gallons of heated water for your overall scuba learning experience, and heated showers after!  Pool specifications and pictures.

Limited Shore Entries — Diving from a boat during your open water certification dives means no entries or exits through rough surf and rugged beaches with heavy scuba equipment!  And, no long surface swims!
Weather conditions / dive site logistics permitting; our student's safety is number one for us.

One-Day Classes — Streamlined classroom sessions offer more pool time for students to perfect their skills and to have MORE FUN, while completing their academics and confined water sessions in one day!

one-day classes
  • » Option 1:  Pool Dives — Join us for one day, either Saturday or Sunday, for the classroom and pool sessions.

Add two more days for the open water sessions and you will complete the full course — open water sessions at Harbor Dive Center are all fun with the limited shore entries we offer to our students!

  • » Option 2:  Full PADI Open Water Diver Certification —  Option 1 above, plus complete your four open water dives with our instructor in the best location for the time of the year.
  • » Option 3:  Continuing Education Option — Pool Dives (both classroom and pool sessions) already completed at a different scuba diver training facility.  We will verify the portions you completed — bring in all of your documentation from the other training facility to join.

Pool Dives (Referral)
eLearning® Material Paid to PADI.
Purchase Pro-fitted Gear BEFORE CLASS (minus $50.00)** 
» Option 1 Total: 

To Finish Open Water Certification
Four dives at $37.50 each.
Open Water Rental:
Rental for second weekend in Monterey, etc. (wetsuit, hood, BCD,
regulator set-up, weight belt, and two tanks).  Pick up Friday; drop off Monday.  Gear delivery is an additional cost — make only one trip to Sausalito!
PADI O/W Diver

» Option 2 Total: 

Confined Water Sessions Completed Elsewhere (Referral)
Open Water Rental:
Rental for second weekend in Monterey, etc. (wetsuit, hood, BCD,
regulator set-up, weight belt, and two tanks).  Pick up Friday; drop off Monday.  Gear delivery is an additional cost — make only one trip to Sausalito!
PADI O/W Diver

» Option 3 Total: 

** WHAT YOU NEED: You are required to have your own personal snorkeling equipment for the class (mask, snorkel, fins, boots and gloves).  If you purchase these items at our store, you will receive up to $50.00 in rebates on your tuition.  We carry a wide selection of snorkeling equipment at very competitive prices.  We are happy to help you select everything to ensure proper fit.
Register online (see below) or call to reserve your spot!
How to Register
Harbor Dive Center's Course Schedule, offers an easy, convenient way to register for your PADI Open Water Diver certification course.  If you have any pre-registration questions, please feel free to give us a call — we can answer your questions and register you over the phone.
Post-registration — Be Prepared!
Please come in early to pick up your book package, giving yourself enough time to read the whole book and complete the knowledge reviews at the end of each chapter, before your first day of instruction.  You will need to turn in these knowledge reviews to your instructor, along with two passport photos.  When you come in please allow at least 1/2 hour to be fitted for a wetsuit and buoyancy compensator, and to pick out any snorkeling gear you need.
NOTE for students joining us for the four open water dives in option 2!
We will transport your scuba equipment to the pool, but you are required to transport it during your open water dives, and to arrange for your own accommodations.  Gear delivery is available at an additional cost, but it will save you from making multiple trips to Sausalito!
Not Going to Use Our Scuba Equipment?
If you plan to use a regulator or BCD other than our equipment, you must bring it in for inspection prior to your first class.  And, you must use this same equipment for both the confined water and open water sessions.
Bring a friend

If you are currently enrolled as a student in our PADI Open Water Diver course, bring a friend for a free PADI Discover Scuba® experience during your last confined water session.  If your friend enjoyed the experience enough that he or she also enrolls and completes our PADI Open Water Diver course along
with you, you will receive a $10.00 credit towards in-store equipment or accessories purchases.

It is a fun and exciting activity for the whole family or your circle of friends!  And, best of all, family
members and friends can become excellent dive buddies!

PADI Open Water Diver is available through PADI eLearning®
Complete your scuba class academics online, then contact us to join a class for the
confined water and open water sessions to complete your certification.
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